British woman at PIP trial highlights an uncomfortable truth for our own government

For the first time a British patient has given evidence against the man who ran the PIP company. Jean Claude Mas was in charge of The French firm which sold faulty breast implants. In the UK 47,000 women were given them.

Jan Spivey and Chris Choi outside the court in Marseilles.

A British implant patient being here is a significant symbol of how immersed in this scandal the UK became. And the evidence Jan Spivey has brought highlights an uncomfortable truth for our own government. Unwittingly, it is helping the man in the dock

Jean Claude Mas used industrial grade silicone never intended for human use. But he claims it never harmed patients. UK authorities agree - which is why they are not advising women to have PIP implants routinely removed.

This trial is so big it happening not in the usual courtroom - but in a huge 700 seater conference centre. There is evidence from 65 counties where the implants went and there are more than a hundred lawyers. Many women caught up in this scandal say that where there should be more people in the dock. They want those responsible for European safety regulation to also face a day in court.