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Fiona Anderson's parents in burial plea

Fiona Anderson's parents Michael and Kerry have spoken to Daybreak. Photo: Daybreak

Three weeks ago young mother Fiona Anderson fell to her death from a Suffolk car park. It is believed the heavily pregnant 23-year-old took her own life after suffering from depression.

Hours later her three children - Kyden, aged 11 months, Addy, aged two and three-year-old Levina - were found dead at the family home, believed to have been killed by their mother.

Fiona Anderson fell to her death in Lowesoft three weeks ago. Credit: Facebook

A message written on a wall of Fiona Anderson's home read: "Let us be buried together."

Fiona's parents - Michael and Kerry - have spoken to broadcaster Fiona Phillips, describing their daughter as fantastic mother who adored her children, in an interview on Daybreak.

The couple also appealed to the children's father Craig McLelland to allow the three children to be buried with Fiona.

Her father Michael said: "They must understand that was not Fiona. That was not Fiona. Fiona would have never done anything to hurt those children...She had it in her mind that what she was doing was correct. She was looking after the children and she wants to be with the children to look after them still. Everybody must understand that."

The bodies of Fiona Anderson's three young children were discovered at the family home. Credit: Facebook

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