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Dame Helen Mirren gives drummers a royal telling off

Dame Helen Mirren as the Queen in The Audience. Photo: Premier PR

Dame Helen Mirren broke character from her regal role on Saturday evening when she yelled at a group of drummers to be quiet while still dressed in her stage costume as Queen Elizabeth II.

The Olivier Award winning actress left the Gielgud theatre in London during the interval to confront the group of performers who had stopped for a drum crescendo outside a nearby pub.

The drummers described a "clearly angered" Mirren still dressed in a tiara "shrieking" at them to be quiet. In a statement they said:

Clearly angered she shrieked 'Quiet! I'm trying to do a play in here! People have paid a lot of money for tickets!'

Rufus Wright, who plays Prime Minister David Cameron in the production, also told the musicians to be quiet.

According to The Telegraph, the noise from the parade became increasingly difficult to ignore towards the end of the first act and during the interval, audience members discovered a band of drummers outside the theatre.

The Audience depicts the Queen in conversation with the many prime ministers who have served throughout her reign.

Written by Peter Morgan, Dame Helen has been delighting audiences and critics alike in her return to her Oscar-winning performance as the Queen.

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