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Ohio suspect Ariel Castro charged with kidnapping & rape

Ariel Castro, 52, has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. Photo: Police Handout

Ariel Castro has been charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape in the case of three women who were held captive at an Ohio home for nearly a decade.

Castro, 52, is due in court tomorrow, Cleveland city prosecutor Victor Perez announced at a press conference.

His brothers, Pedro and Onil Castro, will not be charged at this time as "there is nothing that leads us to believe that they were involved or had any knowledge" of the women being held captive, Cleveland Police Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said.

Castro, who was arrested on Monday, has "waived his Miranda rights" and given a detailed statement to the police, Tomba added.

Ohio kidnap victim Gina DeJesus arrives at her home in Cleveland for the first time since her ordeal. Credit: REUTERS/John Gress

Earlier today, two of the three women held captive returned to their family homes for the first time since their ordeal.

Neither Amanda Berry nor Gina DeJesus spoke publicly as they were hustled past crowds of well-wishers and media.

Ms Berry, 27, and her six-year-old daughter - who was born in captivity - were flanked by police as they entered her sister's house through the back door.

Her sister, Beth Serrano, requested privacy after their return, telling the waiting media, "At this time our family would request privacy so my sister ... and I can have time to recover".

Amanda Berry and her daughter return to her sister's home for the first time since she was kidnapped. Credit: AP Direct

"We appreciate all you have done for us throughout the past years. Please respect our privacy", she added.

Ms DeJesus, 23, hid her face in a yellow hoodie as she walked towards her home for the first time in nine years, but gave a thumbs up as the crowd outside cheered and chanted "Gina! Gina!"

Her aunt, Sandra Ruiz, said after her return, "There are not enough words to say or express the joy that we feel for the return of our family member Gina, and now Amanda Berry, her daughter and Michelle Knight, who is our family also".

"We are asking for your support to be patient with us. Give us time and privacy to heal", she continued. "When we're ready, I promise every single one of you guys ... that we'll talk to you".

Ms DeJesus' mother, Nancy Ruiz, thanked everyone "who believed" her "even when I said she was alive", and those who didn't "because they're the ones that made me stronger".

Cleveland Police said they discovered chains and ropes during a search of the house where the women had been held captive, which they said were used to tie up the victims.

No human remains were found at the property, police added.

The three women were admitted to hospital following their rescue and later released.

Ms Knight was re-admitted to the hospital today but is in a "good condition", a spokesman said.

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