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Rodman asks North Korea's leader to 'do me a solid' and free prisoner

Dennis Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at an exhibition basketball game. Photo: KCNA

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has called on his "friend" North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un to “do me a solid" and release American prisoner Kenneth Bae.

The basketball legend tweeted:

The slang term "do me a solid" means "do me a favour".

Mr Bae, 44, who was born in South Korea but is an American citizen, has been sentenced to 15 years hard labour for what Pyongyang said are "hostile" crimes against the state.

Kenneth Bae Credit: Facebook

In March, Rodman visited North Korea with the Harlem Globetrotters and spent time with Kim Jong-un, who is a basketball fan.

At the time, the leader told him that he had made "a friend for life."

Rodman and Kim share a friendly embrace

Rodman has styled himself as somewhat of a "diplomat" in recent months, even taking in a trip to the Vatican (some say as a publicity stunt) to reportedly to help Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana become the first black pope.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman visits the Vatican. Credit: Reuters

US secretary of state John Kerry has been less than impressed by the "basketball diplomat" mission, saying after his visit to North Korea.

"You know what? Dennis Rodman was a great basketball player, and as a diplomat, he was a great basketball player. And that's where we'll leave it".

It remains to be seen if Dennis and Kim's blossoming relationship is strong enough for North Korea's somewhat unpredictable leader to heed his plea.