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Former choirboy issues CofE abuse cover-up claims

Eli Ward has waived his right to anonymity. Photo: ITV News

A former choirboy who claims he was groomed and abused by an Anglican priest has told ITV News the Church of England helped to cover it up.

Eli Ward has waived his right to anonymity. He claims the then-Archbishop of York failed to pass on the allegations to the police.

Mr Ward told ITV News, "It's just frightening really that a man of such stature travelled through life without any consequences".

"It's important that the public know about the strategic nature of abuse", he continued.

"This isn't just a one off, opportunistic child abuse act, it's very much a psychologically long and drawn out ... play on pretending to be your friend, pretending to help you, grooming you into a sense that 'This is absolutely fine'".

The then-Archbishop of York, Lord Hope, said he followed the guidelines at the time.