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Murdered boy's family plead for peace five years on

Undated Metropolitan Police handout of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen who was murdered in a bakery in Lee, south east London Photo: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

The family of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen said they were "determined" that something positive should come from his death as they commemorated the fifth anniversary.

Jimmy was killed on May 10 2008 - the day after his 16th birthday - after he was attacked in Lee, south-east London. Jake Fahri is serving a life sentence for the teenager's murder.

Undated family handout of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen who was murdered Credit: PA/PA Archive

Since his death the family have set up the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, which works to raise young people's awareness of the consequences of violence.

Today also marks the start of a campaign dubbed #Jimmy21 - three weeks of action including sponsored challenges and community initiatives.

Barry Mizen told ITV's Daybreak that the last five years had been "tough but encouraging", the day after his son should have celebrated his 21st birthday.

He said:

We were determined we weren't going to be beaten by what happened to Jimmy and some good will come from it and we believe it is.

We don't want to waste our lives getting sucked into some sewer of hate and revenge.

Something positive had to come from this for the good of the rest of our family and for the good of other young people.

His mother Margaret said she has managed to cope with the pain of his death through her faith:

It's common knowledge that I have a faith. I think it (anger) destroys you.

If I was angry five years on, what would that do to the rest of my family.

I didn't want to go down the route of being angry at all and I think, obviously having a faith has helped, but I think the strength of our family together has also helped.

Undated Family handout photo of 16-year-old Jimmy Mizen Credit: Family handout/PA Archive

Today his parents Barry and Margaret, along with the rest of their family, will mark the anniversary of his death with a special memorial service at St George's Cathedral in Southwark, expected to be attended by family and friends, as well as some politicians.

Mr and Mrs Mizen, as well as son Danny, will speak at the service, and their son Tommy will sing a song he wrote as a memorial to Jimmy.

A commemorative bench for Jimmy Mizen Credit: Daybreak

Tommy told Daybreak: "[The anniversary] does come around unfortunately, and I don't think today is any harder than any other day if I'm honest, it's something we have to live with every day."

The Prince of Wales (left) meets Margaret and Barry Mizen in 2008 at their cafe in Lewisham Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

Since Jimmy's death in 2008, his parents have refused to hate his killer, instead campaigning against violence and calling more to be done.

This week Mrs Mizen said:

We can't go on losing our children or our children killing our children.

Somewhere along the line we have got to do something to stop it, and that means everyone standing up on this and working together for change.