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The flood gates have been opened and more wet and windy weather is on the way

A sign of things to come? Photo: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Lets start with the positive, most of us had warm sunshine on Bank holiday Monday, which is rare and Tuesday was the warmest day of the year with 23.7C, this was all thanks to high pressure, which gave us sunshine and kept all the weather fronts at bay, until now….

What’s going on with our weather?

Weather fronts that have been queuing up across the Atlantic but have been deflected by the high pressure, now that this has moved off to France and Spain, the flood gates have been opened for low pressures to march across the country bringing wind and rain.

Thursday was a stormy day with gusts 72mph at Mumbles - that’s pretty exceptional for May - and there were reports of trees down in south Wales and south west England.

Two year old Sophie Sheridan from Glasgow enjoys an ice cream in the hot weather whilst playing in the sandpit last weekend Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

What’s happening this weekend?

It stays ‘unsettled’ with low pressure sitting to our north bringing spells of wind and rain or showers across the country.

The timings of these will be uncertain but we will all have some wet weather at some point this weekend.

It will be cooler with temps around 12 to 15C.

Beachgoers at Woolacombe, Devon on Sunday 5th May Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire


Low pressure comes in for the weekend Credit: Daybreak

Scotland and Northern Ireland look cloudy and breezy with outbreaks of rain on and off all day.

England and Wales will start fairly cloudy with patchy rain, then good and bad news.

The sunshine will come out but it will be joined by showers, they will be hit and miss as usual but they will be frequent, and when you catch one you will know it.

They will be heavy with the risk of hail and thunder.

A return to the miserable weather? Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire


Low pressure will continue into next week Credit: Daybreak

A promising start as a weak ridge of high pressure builds overnight.

It means we will be greeted by the sun on Sunday morning.

Make the most of it because, surprise surprise it won’t last all day.

Things go down hill from the west as our next weather front brings breezy conditions along with cloud and outbreaks of rain.

Northern Ireland, western Scotland, Wales and western England look likely to have the wet weather late morning.

The eastern half of England and Wales will have the fine weather until the afternoon.

Say goodbye to sunshine this week Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

Next week:

It’s not looking up!

It remains unsettled with ‘Polar maritime’ air sinking across the UK.

This will bring cooler air and showers, cold enough for snow over high ground in Scotland.

Showers will be heavy with hail and thunder, breezy with temperatures below average!

There’s always the following week!