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Palin: I would never say 'never again' to Monty Python

Palin says the lines of communication are still open for the Pythons to work together again. Photo: PA

Michael Palin has whetted the appetite of Monty Python fans around the world by admitting that he would never say 'never again' to the Pythons getting back together.

The actor, writer, comedian and broadcaster will be presented with Bafta's highest honour, the Fellowship, at the TV awards on Sunday.

In an interview with ITV news, he said: "Whether we would get together and act and perform again - I just don't know. The lines of communication are open, and no one has said we would never, ever do anything again. As far as I am concerned I never in my life said 'never again."

Palin said that Monty Python has become a success despite the odds.

"The great thing about Monty Python is that it succeeded really against the odds. The BBC gave us the slot rather reluctantly," he said.

When asked why he thought he had been given a second Bafta award, he said he has been "dreadfully overrated".