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More than a third have experienced 'poor NHS care'

More than a third of people treated on the NHS believe that they have experienced unacceptable standards of care, according to an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes.

They blame a target culture among management and a lack of compassion among NHS staff.

34% said that they, or someone they knew, had experienced poor standards of care in the past two years. Credit: ITV News

Of those surveyed, 55% said they believe patient care in the NHS is worse today than it was 10 years ago.

When asked the question, "Has NHS nursing become less compassionate in recent years", 65% of respondents agreed.

However 58% felt that overall, the NHS provides a high standard of care to patients.

58% said overall, the NHS provides a high standard of care to patients. Credit: ITV News

A nurse who has worked on NHS wards for 25 years told ITV News why she believes patient care has deteriorated.

Jennie Fecitt said the problem is not that nurses lack compassion - she claims it is because there are "not enough staff on the shop floor".

There's not enough qualified nurses, the skill mix is wrong and the most experienced nurses are busy doing the paper work, doing the discharges, chasing up doctors, chasing up the pharmacy, and therefore they're not able to supervise the other staff.

– Jennie Fecitt, nurse

ITV News presenter Mary Nightingale has this special report:

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