Springtime snow!

Snow was pitching in Princetown on Dartmoor Photo: Mark Shackleton

Yesterday morning there were reports of snow in Devon and Shropshire - mostly over the high ground, above 300-400m or so.

Dartmoor, Bodmin Moor and the Brecon Beacons also had some hail and sleety snow last night.

Snow blizzard in Dartmoor Credit: Mark Shackleton

This was due to a low pressure system drawing in cold arctic air, straight from the pole. Rain turned to sleety snow over the hill tops as it moved away.

It's a little unusual to get some snow in May - but it's not unheard of. It settles now and again, mostly over northern hills.

It is a little less common further south - but can still happen, especially during the first half of the month.

The last notable May snow fell in 1997.

It can also snow in summer. In June 1975 snow stopped play at several cricket matches.