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Health Secretary to announce Out of Hours shake-up for GPs

Health Secretary to announce Out of Hours shake-up for GPs Photo: PA/PA Wire

A&Es are getting "closer and closer to the cliff edge", the head of the NHS Confederation has warned as he called for "urgent action" to tackle the crisis in emergency care.

Mike Farrar warned that if demand continues to rise, it will be "impossible" for struggling hospitals to cope.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt is shown around an NHS ward in London. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

This comes as ITV News has learned the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to unveil major reforms of the Out of Hours care and the return to the days of the family doctor. But already tonight there's criticism that another round of reforms will not solve funding problems in the health service.

Leaked accounts of Jeremy Hunt's keynote speech - planned for Thursday - show the Health Secretary wants to return to the days of the 'family doctor' with each patient having one GP in charge of their care.

In the speech, it is believed Hunt will outline major reforms to GP practice and especially to out of hours care - to put right faults he thinks have led to the current crisis in emergency department. GPs will not necessarily have to deliver the care but will be made accountable

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