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Entire lolly stick pulled from puppy's stomach

A four-and-a-half-inch lolly stick has been removed from a puppy's stomach after its owner noticed she was sitting awkwardly.

Lady looks at the stick after it was pulled from her stomach Credit: Press Association

The 15-month-old Shih Tzu, named Lady, fell ill after eating the wooden stick but was saved after owner Sarah Anderson took her to a vet in Manchester.

I noticed she had started sitting in a funny position, with her body slightly twisted. Then she went off her food and squealed when we picked her up.

We couldn't believe it when they told us they'd found a whole lolly stick inside her.

We've no idea where she got it from, or how and when she ate it. It's a complete mystery, but we're just glad to have her home safe again.

– Sarah Anderson
Six-year-old daughter Ellie Anderson with Lady Credit: Press Association

James Fairs, a vet at the PDSA PetAid hospital in Old Trafford, said he was quite shocked when he pulled an entire lolly stick out of her intestines.

We cannot be sure when Lady swallowed the lolly stick, but if it had been left untreated it could have pierced her intestines, causing potentially fatal peritonitis so Lady is a very lucky girl.

– James Fairs
X-ray image of Lady Credit: Press Association