A tornado is like a stiletto - a 'short, sharp blow'

The politicians are already having a go at one another about the provision and reach of storm-shelter provisions.

Nationally, the President had said all the right things and he has sent Secretary Napolitano, who heads up Homeland Security, to do and say more of the right things.

Moore is a parking lot of TV crews and satellite trucks - the US and the world will be comprehensively served.

I drove down the road "a piece" as they say in these parts and met Allecia Flattern with her "marigolds" on, picking through the debris and dirt of what had been her two year old daughter Makenna's day care centre. Toys, face-paints, putty - the stuff of safe and happy times.

Children In Oklahoma are reunited with their lost dog after the tornado Credit: Reuters

She and her husband snatched their daughter to safety minutes before the tornado struck. Her reflections give context to a big story at a personal and moving level.

Tornados come and go with a speed and intensity that wrecks lives before evaporating.

The world's media have descended on Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma Credit: Alastair Stewart

They don't warrant names like their big cousins - the hurricanes, one called Catrina for example - that build up and deliver long, deadly hammer blows.

Tornados are like a stiletto. They deliver short, sharp, deadly blows.

Allecia, Josh and Makenna have much to be grateful for.

Others have nothing.