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Why this spring is set to be the coldest since 1979

What's going on with our weather?

Is it really the end of May? it feels more like March or April.

It’s been another cool and unsettled week with wind, rain frost and even snow! Although thankfully nothing compared to the awful scenes in Oklahoma.

Thankfully, cooler air has filtered in there meaning the tornado risk has gone as the clear up begins.

Spring so far?

As Spring draws to a close (March-May is spring, according to the Met Office) unsurprisingly it looks as though it will be the coldest spring since 1979, and the 6th coldest since records began in 1910!

The mean temperature (which is daytime maximum added to night time minimums) should be 7.7C and this year is around 6.1C.

This is largely due to the exceptionally cold March, and the influence of frequent east or north-easterly winds bring in cold Polar or European air.

This goes against recent springs as eight out of the last 10 years have been average or above.

Come Saturday and Sunday it will finally feel like spring with light winds, sunny spells and temperatures upto 19C. Credit: Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

Will Friday's stormy weather last?

In a word no, but Friday's weather really will be atrocious for England and Wales.

Thankfully, high pressure will build across Scotland and Northern Ireland, giving fine settled weather.

A deep area of low pressure will sink south bringing outbreaks of heavy rain and more importantly, blustery winds with unseasonably strong gusts of up to 50-60mph.

As many people will be taking to the roads, the Met Office have issued a warning to drivers urging them to take care and drive safe, as there will be lots of spray and tricky driving in the winds.

Make sure you have a BBQ, who know’s when you’ll get a chance again? Credit: REUTERS/Darren Hauck

What does the weather have in store?

Well believe it or not, actually refreshingly nice weather.

On Friday night, the stormy weather will clear away to the south. High pressure will build in bringing settled weather. We say goodbye wind and rain and hello sunshine!

On Saturday and Sunday, a weather front will plague Northern Ireland and western Scotland, keeping it cloudy with outbreaks of rain on and off.

Elsewhere, with clear skies and light winds it will be a sunny but chilly start, a widespread rural frost with some temperatures below freezing! I know it's crazy, but it’s a price worth paying.

As both days will be lovely, it will finally feel like spring. Light winds, sunny spells and temperatures up to 19C. I can smell the BBQs already!

Monday - it was sure not to last! The weather front lurking in the northwest will finally make slow progress south across the country bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain.

They’ll reach the south-east by the evening. So make the most of your sunny morning.

All in all, it will be a pretty decent bank holiday - other than the chilly nights.

The outlook for the end of May is ‘unsettled’ so spells of winds and rain with temperatures below average!

Make sure you have a BBQ, who know’s when you’ll get a chance again?