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Two killed as floods sweep San Antonio, Texas

Floods in San Antonio Photo: WOAI

Two women were killed yesterday as heavy rain in San Antonio caused floodwaters so strong they swept cars and a city bus off the street and forced the rescue of approximately 130 people, said officials.

The flooding covered a several major thoroughfares in San Antonio and collapsed the roof of an apartment complex.

Floods in San Antonio Credit: RTV

Priscilla Ingle, vice president of the city's Via Metro Transit, said that rescue teams had to pull the driver of a city bus and three passengers to safety.

"The bus was driving down the street when water got under its tires," she said.

"This forced the bus off the street as the water rose."

Floods in San Antonio Credit: RTV

A 29 year old woman was killed in the city when her car was washed into a creek as she tried to drive across a bridge, police said. A male passenger in her car survived.

A second woman, who was in her 60s, died when a flood surge washed her and her car away as firefighters were trying to pull her from the swamped vehicle, San Antonio Fire Department spokesman Christian Bove said.

Neither victim was immediately identified by authorities.

Floods in San Antonio Credit: RTV