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Hillsborough victim's daughters return to stadium after 24 years

Claire and Amy McGlone return to Sheffield Wednesday's stadium. Photo: ITV News

The daughters of one of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster walk in their father's footsteps in tonight's ITV Evening News, retracing his last hours at that ill-fated FA Cup semi final.

Amy and Claire McGlone have been granted unique access to the Sheffield Wednesday ground where their Liverpool supporter Dad Alan lost his life in 1989.

I accompanied the McGlones on an emotional visit. It is the first time one of the Hillsborough families has been able to do this.

They find the exact spot where their father was standing, walk down the tunnel as he and other Liverpool supporters did that day and see the site of the makeshift morgue.

The sisters, who were five and two when they last saw their father, have spent years studying official documents, photographs and video in order to piece together his last movements.

Alan McGlone with his young daughters Amy and Claire. Credit: Family Handout

Their amateur detective work was studied by the panel that produced a damning report ruling that 41 of the 96 fans who died that day could have been saved.

Sheffield Wednesday agreed to Amy and Claire visiting Hillsborough to help them get a clearer picture of Alan McGlone's last hours.

An exclusive report of their visit can be seen in ITV Evening News and News at Ten.