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How up to speed is your knowledge of the rules of the road?

Police are to be given new powers to tackle offences committed on UK roads. Photo: Press Association

Drivers who hog the middle lane or tailgate other cars face on-the-spot fines of £100 and three points on their licence, under new plans to tackle motoring offences to be announced today.

The fine for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt will also rise from £60 to £100

How up to speed are you when it comes to the rules of the road? Test your knowledge with this short quiz: (Answers below).

1) What is the minimum gap in seconds you should leave between you and the vehicle in front on roads carrying faster-moving traffic and in tunnels where visibility is reduced?

  • a) 2 seconds
  • b) 3 seconds
  • c) 5 seconds

2) What is the typical stopping distance you should leave between you and the vehicle in front so that you can pull up safely if it suddenly slows down or stops, if you are travelling at 40mph?

  • a) 23 metres (75 feet )
  • b) 36 metres (118 feet)
  • c) 53 metres (175 feet)

3) When can you use a hand-held mobile phone when driving?:

  • a) In slow-moving traffic or at a traffic lights
  • b) To call 999 or 112 in an emergency
  • c) You must never use a hand-held mobile phone when driving under circumstances

4) Which one of these answers is the odd one out?

You MUST NOT overtake:

  • a) If you would have to enter a lane reserved for buses, trams or cycles during its hours of operation.
  • b) If you would have to enter an area designed to divide traffic, if it is surrounded by a solid white line.
  • c) On the left if the vehicle in front is signalling to turn right, and there is room to do so.

5) Where a single carriageway has three lanes and the road markings or signs do not give priority to traffic in either direction, which should you NOT do?:

  • a) Use the right hand lane
  • b) Use the middle lane only for overtaking or turning right
  • c) Use the left hand lane

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