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Where has the UK summer gone?

Forecasters have warned the jet stream could lead to unsettled wet weather. Photo: PA

I know, it’s the question I’ve been asked all week. We started with lots of cloud, fog and drizzle. Then clear skies amazingly lead to frosts for some parts.

Then heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail and if that wasn’t bad enough we’ve had gales to add insult to injury.

One saving grace despite the lack of sunshine it’s been relatively mild with temperatures around or above average.

A mother and daughter walk along a deserted beach near Camber in East Sussex. Credit: PA

Why did it change?

The blame lies with the Jet stream (yet again). Last week it was sitting to our north allowing warm air from Spain to flood across the country.

Now it’s dipped south sitting right over us allowing the floodgates to open to Atlantic wet and windy weather.

The ‘break down’ (transition form settled to unsettled weather) happened when the remnants of ex Tropical storm Andrea bumped into our high pressure that up until then had been deflecting weather fronts.

She brought warm tropical air and drew up lots of water from the Ocean and made easy work of kicking the high pressure away.

Holiday makers in heavy rain and strong winds on Scarborough beach. Credit: PA

What’s happening this weekend?

It’s not a wash out and we will all see some sunshine but also a some showers with rain later.


Low pressure will sit to our north keeping the blustery westerly wind bringing showers to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and northwest England.

Heavy with coastal gales, hail and thunder, especially in the northwest. Elsewhere, sunny spells and the odd shower, breezy with top temps between 16 and 19C.


Sunday looks promising. A weak ridge builds and for many it will be a find dry start, the blustery winds will have eased for Scotland and Northern Ireland there will still be a few showers but not as heavy as Saturdays.

While northern/eastern England enjoy the fine weather all day. Bad news for Wales and southwest England the weather isn’t that kind the next low pressure zips in bringing more cloud wind and rain and it will spread to all overnight and into Monday.

Credit: Met Office

Is summer set to return?

In a word-No. Well, not like we saw at the start of June for the whole country.

hat said the south and east are more likely to be influenced by high pressure giving largely dry, sunny and warm weather.

However the northwest is more likely to be battered by weather fronts bringing showers or rain, gusty winds and below average temperatures!

Next Friday is the summer solstice (the longest day of the year) Maybe the weather will stand up and pay attention then? In the mean time enjoy any sunshine while you can.