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Scrabble fans furious at overhaul of game's app

Thousands of users of the mobile Scrabble app are furious about recent changes including the new dictionary, deleted player histories and a board that doesn't refresh.

Scrabble app on Facebook Credit: EA Games/Mattel

The changes were introduced when Electronic Arts took control of the app from Mattel.

Scrabble players can now customise the board and get rid of advertising by paying for an ad-free version.

As part of the transition [to EA Mobile], we were unable to carry over ongoing games and statistics, the timer mode and the manual match-making function. The new version will have the same robust statistics moving forward.

– Mattel

But many players commenting on Facebook were less than impressed.

HORRIFYING, HIDEOUS, HORRIBLE, HEARTBREAKING, please restore the game to it's usual loveliness, my life is just not the same.

– Emma Jenkins

Horrible and Hopeless, that's the only description for Scrabble these days.

– Sandra Davies

Why not listen to your players and ditch the new game and bring back the original, if something isn't broken you shouldn't have to fix it !!

– Lisa J Willis

Mattel says the changes have encouraged more people to play the game. But a group for Scrabble players from all over the world has united in protest against the company in a special Facebook group.