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Moors murderer Ian Brady begins right-to-die bid

A court sketch of Moors murderer Ian Brady. Photo: Priscilla Coleman

Moors murderer Ian Brady wants to go to prison so he is "free to end his life", a mental health tribunal heard today.

Judge Robert Atherton said the tribunal will seek to establish whether Ian Brady, 75, is suffering from a mental disorder.

Brady, who has been on hunger strike since 1999 and is force-fed through a tube, wants to be judged sane so he can be transferred to prison from the maximum security Ashworth Hospital.

The murderer claims he has faked psychotic episodes in the past, the tribunal heard.

The hearing, held in a room inside Ashworth and relayed by video to Manchester Civil Justice Centre, gave the first public sighting of the child killer in decades.

ITV News reporter Damon Green reports:

He and partner Myra Hindley were responsible for the murders of five children in the 1960s.

Ian Brady could be seen occasionally on screen during the evidence, his pale face covered partly by gold, metal-framed dark glasses, below an untidy, Teddy Boy-style haircut.

A tube crossed his cheek, going into his right nostril and he appeared to be making notes off screen with his right hand.

Brady could be seen passing notes and whispering to his barrister with increasing frequency as the Ashworth Hospital QC, Eleanor Grey, questioned the expert's diagnosis of a paranoid personality disorder.

The hearing, held in a room inside Ashworth and relayed by video to Manchester Civil Justice Centre. Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Expert witness Dr Adrian Grounds told the hearing that Brady claimed he was feigning mental illness, having learned the symptoms while working as a cleaner inside Wormwood Scrubs jail and adopting "acting techniques".

According to Dr Grounds, Brady's behaviour was sometimes insulting, angry and hostile and he had been observed talking to himself on a number of occasions, giving rise to discussions as to whether these were symptoms of psychosis.

The hearing was adjourned until 10am tomorrow.

The tribunal, scheduled to last around a week, was postponed last June when Brady fell ill after suffering a seizure.