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Jet Stream brings wet weather and warm air

Has summer finally arrived?

It’ll feel like it this week as warm air is drawn up from the near continent. While the weather will give with one hand, it will take with the other.

Why is it getting so warm?

The Jet Stream that has been over us giving wet and windy weather, it’s now shifted north of us and tracks all the way down to the west of France.

This means our airflow is unusually from the south this is bringing warmer and warmer air across the UK through the coming days, also more and more humid and at this time of year can only mean one thing - Kamoob-Thunderstorms.

Airflow is unusually from the south bringing warmer and warmer air. Credit: ITV

How warm will it get?

This time of year we should be around 17-20 degrees. Monday most places were average or above with parts of Scotland and southeast England reaching 21C.

With Tuesday morning starting at 16C for some of us, things can only go up. Today we could reach 24 or 25C (this would equal the warmest day of the year so far).

Tuesday night will be even milder, some places no lower than 17C (which is as warm as some of us got by day a few weeks ago) and with this tropical air streaming in, plus the June sun shine will mean we’ll reach the dizzy heights of 28 maybe 29 degrees!

The last time it was that warm was August last year, it seems like a distant memory.

Surely there is a catch?

But with heat and humidity come thunderstorms. Some of them could be torrential.

They will be hit and miss on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in southeast England.

They won’t be from our usual cumulonimbus cloud, the ones with the anvil tops.

They’ll be from altocumulus castellanus, which have tower like castle turrets that project upwards and each grown into a huge shower.

Alto cumulus castelanus clouds - look out for them over the coming days. Credit: ITV

Will it last?

In a word no! After warm and humid weather always comes a ‘thundery breakdown’ when we have a huge storms that clear the air allowing fresher air to return.

It currently looks like this will happen on Thursday-just in time for ladies day at Ascot.

Ladies hold onto your hats!

Grab a fan and ice lolly to cool you down and enjoy the spectacular light displays over the coming days and nights.

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