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Rihanna steals Justin Bieber's YouTube crown

Rihanna performing in Rabat last month. Photo: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal

Popstar Rihanna has been crowned most viewed artist on YouTube, dethroning global teen sensation Justin Bieber.

Rihanna's channel has been viewed a staggering 3,784,030,789 times since it started in May 2009, whilst Beiber's channel, which launched in September of the same year, has been viewed 3,782,989,210 times.

Justin is still the most followed person on Twitter, with more than 40 million followers, thanks to his loyal band of Beliebers. The following gem has been retweeted almost 50 thousand times, so far:

Though trailing Bieber on Twitter, the 25-year-old still has more than 30 million followers.

Rihanna's YouTube channel has attracted 8.7 million subscribers, compared to Bieber's 4.9 million.

The offline controversy surrounding some of her steamy videos, including 'We Found Love' featuring Calvin Harris which was banned in France for its open depiction of sex, drug taking, and violence, has translated into online hits.

'We Found Love' has been viewed almost 267 million times on YouTube.

After Rihanna and Bieber, PSY, Eminem, Lady Gaga and Shakira are the artists with the most viewed channels, according to Billboard.

  • Rihanna: 3.784 billion
  • Justin Bieber: 3.782 billion
  • PSY: 3.1 billion
  • Eminem: 2.4 billion
  • Lady Gaga: 2.25 billion
  • Shakira: 2 billion