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Mother 'never had a chance after hospital mistakes'

Maria De Jesus Photo:

A pregnant mother died after what her family have called a series of medical blunders after she was admitted to Queen’s Hospital, Romford.

Maria De Jesus, originally from Mediera, arrived in the UK in 2005, and was working as a teaching assistant at a local school.

In October 2011, at five months pregnant with her fourth child, Maria started to feel unwell. She was diagnosed with appendicitis and was told she would need a short operation.

However, two unsupervised trainee surgeons mistakenly removed her ovary, leaving her infected appendix, the infection spread causing a miscarriage.

Two days later, Maria died from septicaemia. The hospital trust has admitted liability and said it has written and "extensive action plan" following her death.

The General Medical Council is now investigating those involved. However despite this, her family are still distraught at the missed opportunities to save Maria and her child's lives.

Maria' sister Anna have spoke an behalf of her family to ITV Daybreak and said that nothing would bring Maria back.

They are extremely angry and they don't comprehend how many mistakes have been made. It's a catalogue of things, she never had a chance to live.