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Prince of Wales 'shocked' by illusionist's hand contortions

The Prince of Wales had to cover his eyes with his hands during a magician's trick at a celebrity reception in Clarence House this afternoon.

Charles grimaced and looked away as illusionist Dynamo bent his fingers into an highly unusual and unnatural position.

Illusionist Dynamo bent his fingers into odd shapes to entertain Prince Charles. Credit: Press Association

The magician was performing as part of reception for his charity for young people, the Prince's Trust.

Magician Dynamo impresses Royal and celebrity guests at the Prince's Trust reception in Clarence House. Credit: Press Association

Dynamo, who set up as a magician with the help of the charity said the Prince appeared to like his handiwork.

He said 'It must take years and years to perfect that stuff, it really is magic'. He was saying 'Your hands are really flexible, even with the shuffling'.

I said 'Yes - look how flexible they are', and then I broke my fingers and put them back together again.

Dynamo after his trick, which seemed to impress his audience. Credit: Press Association

The event was held to celebrate the creation of 100 job ambassadors by the Prince's Trust.

The ambassadors, who themselves faced long-term unemployment before turning things around with the help of the trust, have supported 100,000 other jobless youngsters to develop new skills and access jobs in their community.

Prince Charles regains his composure to congratulate Dynamo. Credit: Press Association

Charles paid tribute to the celebrity supporters, as well as the young people who were helping to do the charity's work after benefiting from it themselves.

We couldn't do it without all the wonderful ambassadors, all of the people who have been so loyal and devoted in all their energetic activity on behalf of the trust when they've got so many other things to do.

In different ways, the celebrity ambassadors, all those who give up their precious time, it makes a fantastic difference and it's much more fun hearing from Jools Holland and Will.I.Am than hearing from a decrepit old thing like me. with the Prince of Wales at the reception today. Credit: Press Association