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Business as usual for Mumford & Sons at Glastonbury

Mumford & Sons insist it will be business as usual at Glastonbury despite bassist Ted Dwane's recent operation to remove a blood clot on his brain.

Ted Dwane, Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett and Winston Marshall Credit: Press Association

The band were forced to postpone three US concerts when they announced Dwane was receiving treatment in hospital two weeks ago. But keyboard player Ben Lovett said:

To be honest, Ted dealt with the whole thing better than any of us could have imagined and I don't think there is any need to dramatise what was obviously a very dramatic situation.

All we feel is incredibly grateful and happy that he's going to be OK, and that we're going to get back out on that stage at Glastonbury as four brothers and do what we do.

  • Mumford & Sons' first appearance on Worthy Farm came in 2008 seven months after the band formed
  • They are headlining the Pyramid Stage on Sunday night
  • The four-piece band shot to fame with their debut album, Sigh No More, which was shortlisted for the 2010 Mercury Prize
Country Winston and Ted Dwane of Mumford and Sons during the Brit Awards Credit: Press Association

To have 1,000 people turn up and sit in a field and watch us play some songs... that completely blew my mind. Each time we play we're slightly out of our comfort zone.

But that's an inspiration - every time it's just a bit madder than we were expecting. But whenever we tour elsewhere then come back to Glastonbury, it always reminds us how brilliant it is to be British, and what a great British institution it is.

– Ben Lovett

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