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'Del Boy van' stopped by police due to an 'offensive' blow-up doll

The owner of an Only Fools and Horses van has accused Sussex Police of having a "sense of humour failure" after he was pulled over because he had an inflatable doll in the back.

Richard Foster, who runs a Del Boy van hire company, was stopped on his way to a wedding in Bognor Regis last Saturday.

According to the officer, the doll's "obvious attributes were not appropriate for family viewing".

Mr Foster was told the doll was not "appropriate for family viewing". Credit: Del Boy Van Hire

Mr Foster was told he was committing a Section 5 Public Order Offence as the doll could cause alarm or distress.

In a classic episode of the cult comedy, Del Boy and Rodney attempted to dispose of inflatable, latex dolls which have been filled with explosive gas.

“I thought there must be an emergency when I first saw the police car's blue lights flashing in my rear view mirror." Mr Foster told The Argus.

“I haven't had any problems or been stopped in the van before - in the past police officers have waved as they have gone past."

The 34-year-old went on to express his shock at the incident saying the "police should be putting public into fighting real crime."