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Landlady fined for organising a game of bingo with biscuits and drinks in Portugal

British and Irish expats and tourists have been fined for playing bingo with biscuits and drinks in a pub in Portugal.

Landlady Marianne Pittaway of the Yorkshire Tavern was fined €700 (£595) and given a four month suspended prison sentence for hosting the game in Albufeira, on Friday night.

Speaking to Daybreak she said:

Within five minutes we had twelve [police officers] in the bar, they went round all of us, collected the bingo cards, and the pens.

They wanted to see identification from everyone, literally we were all detained and weren't allowed to leave.

Some people who were in the pub and were not playing the game, were fined as much as €150 (£127).

"It was the last drink of the holiday," holiday-maker Lee Williams said.

We were quite amused at the time, thinking good job we weren't playing the bingo, so sat there and finished our drinks, then as we were about to leave the bar, we were told that by being in the bar we were as guilty as the people playing and we were part of an illegal gambling house.

– Holiday-maker Lee Williams

Organisers of bingo in Portugal have to apply for a government licence.

"You don't expect to get raided for a game of bingo, especially when you don't think you're breaking any laws - you're playing for biscuits and bottles of alcohol," Ms Pittaway said.