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It's been emulsional: Man and dog covered in paint after car crash

It must have been an emulsional experience for a man and his dog after a car crash left them covered in paint.

A driver is covered in paint after losing control of his estate car. Credit: REUTERS/Russ Winger/Washington State Patrol

The driver was travelling with five gallons of latex paint in different colours when he crashed on a road near Belfair, Washington.

The interior of the estate car, the man and his black dog were left coated in paint after the incident.

A dog, that usually has a black coat, was turned grey after the crash. Credit: REUTERS/Russ Winger/Washington State Patrol

The driver, who has not been identified, suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital nearby.

A nearby resident washed the dog and turned it back to its proper colour and the canine is now being temporarily cared for by the local humane society where the owner can pick it up after recovering.