Summer makes a welcome return

Day-trippers enjoying the sun on West Wittering beach near Chichester, West Sussex. Photo: Chris Ison/PA Wire

The rumours are true.

The weather will be improving as we hurtle towards the end of the week.

A juicy area of high pressure will be stretching all the way from the Azores (or Canaries) across the UK. Its path will be influenced by a shift in the Jet Stream (finally!).

An Azores High, as this is known, is responsible for bringing very warm conditions - and was responsible for the heatwave in 1976.

We're not expecting heatwave conditions quite yet but it will be settled, dry and mostly sunny, with highs of up to 28C by the weekend - coinciding with the finals at Wimbledon.

There are hints the warm, sunny weather could well last into next week - and potentially for the first Ashes test.

Fingers crossed the Azores High will stay with us. If it does, it will break the trend of the last six poor summers.