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Elderly woman crashes car through supermarket window

An elderly woman crashes through the front window of a supermarket in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Reuters TV

CCTV footage has been released of the moment an elderly woman drove her car through the front window of an Australian supermarket.

Employees and shoppers at Piedimonte's Supermarket in Melbourne escaped injury, local media reported.

The footage, taken by security cameras inside the supermarket, shows a shelving unit narrowly missing one woman as the car careers into the building, sending it flying towards her.

One employee said he was in the back of the shop when he "heard a big bang".

"Boom. It was like a bomb," he said.

The elderly driver pictured outside the supermarket after the accident. Credit: Reuters

Another man told reporters the elderly woman who was driving the car had "panicked".

"As she reversed, a black car came up behind her which she hit, obviously panicked and threw her car into drive and floor the accelerator and then just went straight through the front window", he continued.

The woman's brother-in-law said she had been coming into the shop "for the last 40 years" and nothing like this had ever happened before.