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Man claims new record after jet-powered trolley dash

Matt McKeown fine-tuning his jet-powered shopping trolley Photo: Facebook/Plymouth Karting

A man from Plymouth claims to have set a new record after riding a jet-powered shopping trolley at more than 44mph.

Matt McKeown, 52, drove the trolley at the Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire and used a mobile phone app to record the speed.

The go-kart track owner told ITV News he believed he could eventually reach speeds of 70mph, but that he "doesn't really want to go any faster".

He added that he plans to make contact with the Guinness Book of Records to invite an official timekeeper to observe his next attempt.

The supermarket hot rod is fitted with a jet engine from a Chinook helicopter, meaning that the speed is only limited by the driver's sense of danger.

Four go-kart wheels provide extra stability in what would otherwise be a disconcertingly shaky ride, and there is a basic steering system.

Matt McKeown riding on his adapted shopping trolley at Santa Pod Raceway Credit: Facebook/Plymouth Karting

McKeown said he was eyeing Plymouth Airport for his next record-breaking attempt, since he was running out of track at the Santa Pod Raceway.

"I'll keep going for as long as it's stable and we have enough space," he said.

The jet engine from a Chinook helicopter that was attached to the shopping trolley Credit: Facebook/Plymouth Karting

For his latest attempt, he used an empty shopping trolley but he said he he was tempted to do a run with a full trolley and let his shopping "fly everywhere for visual effect".

The trolley with jet engine attached Credit: Facebook/Plymouth Karting

The previous record is believed to be held by Tesco, which took a trolley with a combustion engine to 42mph for Guinness World Record Day in November 2011.