PMQs a score draw between Miliband and Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during Prime Minister's Questions today. Photo: PA Wire

If there was one accurate statement during today's Prime Minister's Questions - it came from the Speaker.

John Bercow said, "We can't just have a wall of noise".

For much of the long exchange between David Cameron and Ed Miliband, both men could barely be heard.

Labour have just had a ghastly week over their row with the Unite union over the selection of the party's candidate in Falkirk - the safe seat in central Scotland.

Labour party leader Ed Miliband 'gave as good as he got' during today's PMQs. Credit: PA Wire

The torment began a week ago, during last week's PMQs, when Ed Miliband was comprehensively thrashed by the Prime Minister.

This week - it was a score draw. Ed gave as good as he got.

Dave appeared to be evasive by engaging in the debate about MPs' second jobs (a subject the Tories are claiming is a "diversionary tactic").

Mr Miliband called for an end to second jobs and a cap on donations to political parties of £5,000.

The Conservatives insist a cap set so low would result in taxpayers having to fund political parties.

Mr Cameron continued to make the charge about the unions funding Labour: £8 million from Unite; £4 million from Unison; £4 million from GMB.

The House of Commons chamber was particularly rowdy during today's PMQs. Credit: PA Wire

The unions "own you lock, stock and block vote," and, "They bought the policy, the bought the votes, they bought the leader" were two of the lines he trotted out throughout the session.

But, for Mr Cameron, going from a comprehensive win to a score draw shows that Ed Miliband has managed to turn this one around.

Second jobs and caps on donations might well be diversionary, but at times he succeeded in making the Prime Minister look evasive.

Giving the position he has been in for the last few days, Ed Miliband will be very happy with that.