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Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick breaks 11-year-old boy's wrist

Former Manchester United star Ronaldo is the world's most expensive footballer Photo: ITV Meridian

A Dorset schoolboy had his wrist broken in two places when he was struck by a wayward shot from Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo during an exhibition match in Bournemouth.

The Portuguese footballer's ferocious free-kick missed the goal, instead hitting 11-year-old fan Charlie Silverwood.

(Footage courtesy of AFC Bournemouth)

The schoolboy said his father Lee, who was also watching the match, ducked out of the way of the ball, allowing the child to take "the full force" of Ronaldo's shot.

Charlie told the Sun: "I could see the ball coming towards me. It was going to hit my face so I had to block it with my hand. It was very painful."

Despite the injury, the pair watched the remaining 84 minutes of the match before going to hospital.

Charlie Silverwood felt the full force of Ronaldo's powerful strike Credit: ITV Meridian

"Ronaldo is the world’s most expensive player and he broke my arm," Charlie told the paper.

Bournemouth gave Charlie a shirt signed by Ronaldo and his teammates to “cheer him up”, while Real Madrid said they will also send the injured boy a "memento".