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Royal baby footman who helped announced birth of Prince George returns to India

Badar Azim seen at home in Calcutta and outside Buckingham Palace posting the announcement of the birth of prince George. Photo: ITV News/ PA

ITV News has tracked down Badar Azim, a Buckingham Palace footman who played a starring role in announcing the birth of Prince George but had to return to Calcutta, India, after his visa expired.

Nina Nannar reports:

Badar carried the official notice of the birth of Prince George to be displayed at the gates of Buckingham Palace and said that it felt "great. Obviously it was a proud moment for me."

A man walks through a lane next to the house of former royal footman Badar Azim. Credit: Reuters

Badar told ITV News: "I didn't dream it, it all just came and I just took it as it came, I do feel like I've been blessed."

Badar said he would love to return to the UK "if the opportunity arises."