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Chinese market trader filmed selling powdered rhino horn

Chinese government officials have told ITV News the country isn't ignoring the illegal and growing trade in rhino horn.

At an international summit in March, the country was given a year to crack down on the trade within its borders.

This month our China Correspondent Angus Walker didn't have much difficulty finding rhino horn for sale in the capital Beijing.

Secret filming caught a market trader selling what she claimed was powdered rhino horn which, she said, would cure cancer and strokes.

"Please be sure: This is 100% real," she is heard to say.

But Meng Xianlin, who works at the country's Endangered Species Management Office, said China resents being blamed for the growing global trade.

"It's unfair," he insisted. "China shouldn't be criticised, because we are cracking cases."

Chinese authorities, though, will find it difficult to argue that they are dealing with rampant demand when it remains relatively easy to buy rhino horn and illegal ivory in everyday market places.