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Six famous British cars feature on new set of stamps

Four of the six cars that feature in the special set Photo: Royal Mail/PA Wire

A special set of stamps featuring six much-loved British cars will go on sale today.

A 1961 Jaguar E-Type, 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and 1963 Aston Martin appear on first-class stamps.

The new First Class stamp showing the Aston Martin DB5 Credit: Royal Mail/PA Wire

A 1962 MG MGB, 1968 Morgan and 1976 Lotus Esprit are featured on £1.28 stamps.

A Morgan Plus 8 1968 appears on the £1.28 stamp. Credit: Royal Mail/PA Wire

The Royal Mail tracked down the privately-owned vehicles, which were then pictured by renowned car photographer James Mann.

The cars in the set include a MG MGB, Jaguar E-Type, Morgan Plus 8 and Aston Martin DB5. Credit: Royal Mail/PA Wire

This is a fantastic set of stamps that feature a collection of the very best in British motor car manufacturing in the 1960s and '70s.

These cars are classic in every sense and we are delighted to be bringing a reminder of these iconic motor cars to the nation's doorsteps through this latest stamp issue.

– Andrew Hammond, director of stamps and collectibles at Royal Mail

A four-stamp set featuring "workhorses" the Morris Minor van (used by Royal Mail), Austin FX4 (London taxi), Ford Anglia (police) and Land Rover (Coastguard) also go on sale today