Going on holiday to Egypt?

A passenger jet leaves Newcastle Airport en route to Sharm el-Sheikh. Photo: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

TV bulletins and newspapers are full of ghastly scenes of violence. Around the world some governments are warning their citizens not to go. There are alarming reports of "gender based violence" against women. Curfews, cancelled trains and closed this really a place you should jet off to?

Heading to Sharm el Sheikh? Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA

The UK government and big travel firms say you will be safe in the main Red Sea resorts. Independent travel expert Simon Calder has told us he agrees that the main resorts are very different from the rest of the nation. The Egyptian Ambassador to London has also told ITV News the big resorts are secure. But is that the whole story?

Other governments such as USA, Sweden and Finland are advising their citizens against travel to all areas. Big Scandanavian travel firms are cancelling outgoing flights to the Red Sea resorts and bringing holiday makers home. It is news that is likely to unsettle British tourists in the region, who are being told by our government that all is well.

The beach in Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt. Credit: Rowan Miles/EMPICS Entertainment

So long as the UK Foreign Office advice remains that it is safe to travel to the Egyptian Red Sea zone, holidaymakers will have no right to cancellation or refunds.Their travel operators are unlikely to allow cost free cancelation and insurance firms are expected to have the same approach.

Having spent several hours scanning the main travel networking sites online, I have found there is currently no sign of trouble or panic from the main resorts. I have been in contact with several families who have just returned and all tell me their trips were without problems - indeed highly enjoyable. However, the situation could change and it is vital that travellers keep up with any changes. Here at we will post information as soon as we get it.