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'Yeeeeessss!' Lottery winners' life-changing phone calls revealed

Tracy Tyler, 37, and partner Adam Young, 30, from Epping won £5.8m. Photo: PA

The National Lottery has released audio recordings of phone calls in which contestants find out they have become millionaires.

The lucky winners' reactions range from disbelief to elation, with one recipient even declaring his love for a lottery employee.

Keith Williams, 54, discovers he has won £1m

"It looks as though you have won a million pounds."

"A million pounds? Are you certain? Are you certain!"

Tracy Tyler and Adam Young win £5.8m

"I've just got six numbers on the lottery. I'm having a bit of a brain spasm. Can you help me?"

"Are you sitting down? You've won five million pounds."

Lee, 30, wins £1m scratchcard

"I think I've won a million quid. I just wanna check."

Andy, 29, wins £1m on his birthday

"I'm happy to confirm you've certainly got a million pounds."


Two friends, 23 and 24, win £336,000 EuroMillions ticket

"Me and my best mate are deciding on holidays and houses."