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Mother's legal challenge for her disabled daughter to have a hysterectomy

The mother of a severely disabled girl wants to have her daughter's womb removed so she does not have to go through the agony of period pains she does not understand.

Katie, who is 21 but has the mental age of a six-month-old, screams and writhes in agony while her mother, Alison Thorpe, cares for her.

Katie has severe cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, talk or feed herself.

Mrs Thorpe told Daybreak: "It is pain and discomfort for Katie every month for at least week.

"She has no control over that and she is not able to tell us what is going on. She doesn't understand what is going on."

She relaunched her bid to give her daughter a hysterectomy after a landmark ruling last week by a judge who approved the sterilisation of a man with severe learning disabilities.

Mrs Thorpe, who lives in Billericay in Essex, did not want to put her daughter on the pill or inject her with contraception as "there is a risk of thrombosis" because Katie is immobile.