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Number 10: Absolutely no plans for second Syria vote

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during the debate on Syria in the House of Commons. Photo: Press Association

Number 10 has stated it has "absolutely no plans" to go back to Parliament on the issue of military action against Syria.

Downing Street ruled out a further vote in the House of Commons on Syria after calls from some politicians the Government should look again at the matter of a military response.

The Prime Minister's spokesman said the government had made its case for a robust response last week and Parliament expressed its will.

Among those to say a second vote was possible, was Boris Johnson. The London Mayor told ITV News the Prime Minister would be right to hold a second vote on military action on Syria if there was "absolute proof that the Assad regime" had been involved in chemical attacks and there was "a limited and a calibrated response" put forward.

He added: "It is very, very hard to stand aside when you have people being killed in large numbers by chemical weapons".

UN chemical weapons experts collect samples from one of the sites of a chemical weapons attack in Damascus. Credit: Reuters

More than half of the public appear to believe David Cameron was "wrong" and behaved "recklessly"over proposing military action in Syria, according to the ITV News Index. But only a third think the Prime Minister has been weakened by the Commons defeat.

In a poll of 2,020 adults conducted by ComRes, 55 per cent agreed with the statement that Cameron was 'wrong' to propose military action in Syria, 22 per cent disagreed and 23 per cent did not know.

In the same poll, 59 per cent agreed with the statement that Cameron had behaved 'recklessly by publicly proposing military action in Syria without knowing that he had the support of Parliament'. 21 per cent disagreed and 20 per cent did not know.

Demonstrators against military intervention in Syria in Trafalgar Square, London. Credit: ITV News/Adam Smith

The British public also has a positive view of Parliament’s decision to vote against military intervention in Syria, with 60 per cent saying they have "done the right thing".

In a poll of 2,020 adults conducted by ComRes for ITV News, 15 per cent disagreed with the statement and 26 per cent did not know.