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Controversial New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner calls voter a 'jackass'

Anthony Weiner calls a voter a 'jackass' inside a Deli in Borough Park, Photo:

Controversial New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has been caught on camera launching into a tirade against a Jewish voter during a visit to a Brooklyn.

The exchange, during which Weiner was seen shouting at the man with his mouth full of food, took place inside a deli in the largely Jewish neighbourhood of Borough Park.

Weiner became infamous two years ago for accidentally tweeting a sexually explicit picture of himself. He was forced to resign as a congressman over the scandal after finally admitting he had sent more photos and messages to a number of women both before and during his marriage.

However his mayoral bid was rocked a couple of months ago after it was revealed he had continued 'sexting' more women, while his wife was pregnant.

Although it is not known exactly what prompted the Weiner to call the man a "jackass", the voter, who is wearing a yarmulke, is heard saying:

You’re a bad example for the people. Your behaviour is deviant behaviour. Stay out of the public and get a job.

Weiner argued that his actions were between himself, his wife, and "his god":

You're my judge? You're my judge? What rabbi taught you that? What rabbi taught you that you're my judge?

– New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner

Weiner later took to Twitter afterwards to defend his behaviour.

Today's tirade is not the first time Weiner has caused offence.

Earlier this year he told Daybreak's New York correspondent Lucy Watson he was having difficulty taking her seriously due to her English accent.

He then proceeded to answer some of her questions in a fake English voice.

New York City mayor candidate Anthony Weiner mocked Daybreak reporter Lucy Watson during an interview. Credit: ITV Daybreak.