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Pictures reveal inside of would-be child cannibal's dungeon

Geoffrey Portway faces up to 27 years prison

US police have released photographs of the makeshift dungeon where a British man plotted to rape, murder and eat a child.

Geoffrey Portway, 40, faces up to 27 years in prison, after he admitted soliciting the kidnap of a child and distribution and possession of child pornography as part of a plea agreement in May.

He is expected to be sentenced next Tuesday, NBC News affiliate, WHDH reports.

In 2012, investigators entered Mr Portway's home with a search warrant, after linking him to an internet chatroom where he chatted with other men about cannibalisation and child rape.

A child-sized coffin was found in Geoffrey Portway's dungeon

Upon entering the house, they discovered a staircase leading to the hidden sound-proofed dungeon, which contained a child-sized coffin, handcuffs and a butcher kit.

A deluxe butcher kit was found
Portway's "kit" included a pair of handcuffs

A steel cage, children's clothes, and books on cannibalism were also discovered.

Police found a child's jumpsuit in the room