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Woman arrested for 'hiding cocaine in fake pregnancy tummy'

The suspect's fake pregnancy belly is removed by authorities in Bogota. Photo: APTN

A Canadian woman has been arrested in Colombia for allegedly attempting to leave Bogota airport with two kilogrammes of cocaine hidden in a fake pregnancy stomach.

Colombian authorities said Tabitha Leah Ritchie was preparing to board a plane to Toronto when she was given a regular police pat down and an officer noticed the belly was usually hard and cold.

The fake belly contained two kilos of cocaine, according to authorities. Credit: APTN

Colonel Esteban Arias, deputy director of Colombia's antinarcotic police department said that the false belly was made of latex and was taped to Ritchie's body.

The way she operated was to try fool law enforcement checks by faking a pregnancy.

Arias said it was the first time authorities had seen that suspected method of transporting drugs and that they were investigating who had made the fake stomach.

The suspect is seen with the fake pregnancy stomach.

Colombian officials say 874 foreigners are held in the country's jails, most on drug charges.