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Party conference quiz: From bananas to Boris

Party conference season is upon us as the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour take turns in setting out their visions for the future of the country.

But do you know your political history? Do you know what Iain Duncan Smith called himself in 2003 or which beach Neil Kinnock slipped-up on?

Here is our party conference quiz:

1. David Miliband will always be remembered for the picture of him awkwardly holding a banana during Labour's 2008 conference. But what reason did he give for holding the fruit?

People were given free bananas at the Conservative party conference in 2008. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Archive
  • A. It was his breakfast.
  • B. He was protesting against EU regulations on bananas.
  • C. It was thrown at him by someone outside the conference hall.

2. The Conservative party conference gave a 16-year-old William Hague a standing ovation after his speech in Blackpool. Tory leader Margaret Thatcher was among those cheering the teenager, but in which year?

The 16-year-old who would go on to become the Conservative leader. Credit: PA
  • A. 1977.
  • B. 1979.
  • C. 1981.

3. Iain Duncan Smith tried to rouse his Conservative colleagues during a party conference speech in 2003. The former Tory leader did this by describing himself as what?

Iain Duncan Smith had a difficult time as Tory leader. Credit: Chris Young/PA Archive
  • A. 'The energetic man'.
  • B. 'The noisy man'.
  • C. 'The quiet man'.

4. Labour activist Walter Wolfgang, 82, was thrown out of Labour's 2005 party conference after shouting one word during Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's speech on Iraq.

What was that word?

Walter Wolfgang was left unimpressed by Jack Straw's speech. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Archive
  • A. 'Rubbish'.
  • B. 'Nonsense'.
  • C. 'Poppycock'.

5. Nick Clegg became a pop sensation after his video apology was turned into a spoof song. Mugs and badges with the slogan 'I'm Sorry' were sold at last year's Liberal Democrat conference.

But what was the Deputy Prime Minister sorry for?

Nick Clegg was 'sorry' but for what? Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
  • A. The Liberal Democrats student fees u-turn.
  • B. Going into a coalition with the Conservatives.
  • C. How the party has tackled the deficit.

6. During the 2009 Conservative party conference, London Mayor Boris Johnson was asked about his and David Cameron's "privileged backgrounds" in an interview. He hit back at the journalist, saying: "Why don't you get a proper job?"

Who was the interviewer?

Boris told one journalist: "Why don't you get a proper job." Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire
  • A. Nick Ferrari.
  • B. John Humphrys.
  • C. Jeremy Paxman.

7. Neil Kinnock probably has bad memories of 1983 when numerous cameras caught him falling over on a beach. But which seaside town did the Welshman slip-up in?

Going, going, gone. Kinnock fell over during the 1983 party conference. Credit: PA
  • A. Blackpool.
  • B. Bognor Regis.
  • C. Brighton.

8. Labour's Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott had a moment to forget during the 1999 Bournemouth party conference, but what did he do?

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott in 1999. Credit: Neil Munns/PA Archive
  • A. Hit a protester after an egg was thrown at him.
  • B. Decided to ride in a Jaguar instead of walk a few hundred yards to the hall.
  • C. Suggested the Queen should abdicate.

9. Michael Portillo, who was the Conservative's Defence Secretary, said using this particular slogan in his 1995 conference speech was "the most embarrassing moment" of his career.

What was the slogan?

Michael Portillo addressing the Conservative Party Conference in Blackpool in 1995. Credit: Adam Butler/PA Archive
  • A. 'Just do it'.
  • B. 'Be prepared'.
  • C. 'Who dares wins'.

10. Boris Johnson caused a stir at last year's party conference when he claimed to be a "mop" but what did he say the Prime Minister was?

Boris claimed he was a "mop". Credit: David Jones/PA Archive
  • A. Broom.
  • B. Sponge.
  • C. J-cloth.

Find out the answers below:

1 A

2 A

3 C

4 B

5 A

6 C

7 C

8 B

9 C

10 A

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