Lloyds bank: Will we get our money back?

The Treasury has just started the process of one of the most anticipated business deals in years.

Between now and first thing tomorrow morning, investors have the chance to bid for shares on Lloyds, as the Government sells off six per cent of the bank, that's around a fifth of the public stake after the bailout of the credit crunch.

The Treasury hopes it will raise around £3.3 billion for the public purse.

If the shares reach over 61 pence money will go back to the Treasury and be knocked off the public debt, less than that and there would be a loss.

Don't forget that the ONS has already written off more than £3.5 billion.

By the morning, or perhaps late tonight, we'll know what value has been reached.

This is only few first slice of taxpayer owned stakes in banks going back to the market, but a really significant indicator of how much we will eventually get back.