Tropical Storm Humberto to bring some better weather

The rain has been dampening the start of London Fashion Week. Photo: Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment/PA Wire

After a miserably windy and wet autumnal day for many of us, things are looking up by the weekend.

From Friday onwards a settled spell is forecast - it'll feel a tad warmer and for the majority of us it'll be drier and brighter with plenty of September sunshine.

This change in fortune is all due to a deep low pressure system - Tropical Storm Humberto.

The Humberto Tropical Storm, currently sweeping across the Atlantic, will bring high temperatures. Credit: ITV News

As Humberto sweeps across the Atlantic, it'll weaken but will encourage a huge area of high pressure to become established across us, bringing relatively warm air from the Azores.

Temperatures will be nearer 20 or 21 degrees by the weekend - just a little higher than average for the time of year. This same area of high pressure (known as the Azores High) was responsible our hot weather through July.

Hurricanes (and tropical storms) are most frequent during the months of August and September.

It's been a relatively quiet season so far - but we often get the remnants of these systems tangled up in our weather this time of year. More often than not, it means wet, windy conditions with gales.

Tropical Storm Humberto is boosting warmer, drier air towards us instead.

Soak up the dregs of September sunshine.

It'll feel like late summer for a couple of days at least!