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Man has lucky escape after narrowly missing oncoming train

Video of a man escaping serious injury after narrowly missing an oncoming train has been released.

The incident, which happened in August, was captured by CCTV and shows a 20-year-old man running across the tracks near Brisbane railway station, Australia, and just avoiding the train.

The man ignored a barrier and warning bells as an express train was travelling at 37mph.

Queensland state Transport Minister, Scott Emerson, said that people are gambling with their lives when they take such chances.

The message has to get out there that people are playing Russian roulette with their lives and they will lose. That is the reality.

– Scott Emerson, Queensland state Transport Minister

The train driver was reportedly traumatised by the incident and had to take leave from work, according to local media.

The man was taken to hospital but escaped serious injury and was fined 2,200 Australian dollars (£1,293) in court.