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Salmond: Scotland 'still needs convincing on referendum'

Alex Salmond says devolution is 'common sense' Photo: PA

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has urged voters to look at the record of Scotland's devolved parliament insisting full devolution is "common sense".

An opinion poll by IPSOS Mori shows that 59% will vote no to devolution, while just 31% will say yes, and 10% are undecided.

It comes exactly a year to the day, 18 September 2014, when Scotland holds its own referendum on devolution.

Speaking to ITV News, Alex Salmond said: "They're waiting to be convinced, they want to be convinced.

"If we get across the argument, now accepted, that Scotland can be a successful economic entity, as an independent country, a perfect viable country, and if we when say "well, where do you want decisions to be made - is it Scotland or London?" , then we will win this argument."

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