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Tattoo fans descend on London for international tattoo convention

Matt Grosso displays a tattoo on his head. Photo: Reuters

Tattoo artists and body art fans from across the globe have descended on London for one of the biggest and most prestigious tattoo conventions.

"This is like the Premier League of tattoo artists from all over the world who come here to show their work," organiser Marcus Beriman said.

Model Moniasse displays her tattoos and body art. Credit: Reuters

"I can't really talk right now," said Emil Sarelind, who came from Sweden especially for his latest ink.

Emil grimaces during a tattoo by artist Deno. Credit: Reuters

American celebrity tattoo artist Ami James said attitudes to tattoos have "changed completely" in the last ten years.

"There is no taboo about getting tattoos any more and you can see by how many people who come to these conventions."

A man sips tea during a tattoo by artist George Bone. Credit: Reuters

The event runs from 27th to 29th September and is being held at Tobacco Dock in London.

Jade Allison displays her tattoos. Credit: Reuters
Cleo shows off her tattooed hands. Credit: Reuters